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Season by season look at the Falcons

YearCoachWinsLossesWin %Comment
1952-53Don Henry1340.765
1953-54Don Henry1750.773
1954-55Don Henry9100.474
1955-56Don Henry1080.556
1956-57Don Henry1490.609League Title
1957-58Joe Gavin1440.778
1958-59Joe Gavin11110.5
1959-60Joe Gavin1760.739
1960-61Joe Gavin8110.421
1961-62Joe Gavin12100.545
1962-63Joe Gavin1360.684
1963-64Joe Gavin1290.571
1964-65Joe Gavin1080.556
1965-66Joe Gavin10100.5
1966-67Joe Gavin1460.571
1967-68Joe Gavin1190.55
1968-69Joe Gavin1540.789
1969-70Joe Gavin7130.35
1970-71Joe Gavin1660.727
1971-72Ed Cochrane9120.429
1972-73Ed Cochrane1940.826League Title
1973-74Ed Cochrane1850.783League Title
1974-75Ed Cochrane10100.5
1975-76Ed Cochrane14100.583
1976-77Ed Cochrane9140.391
1977-78Ed Cochrane17100.63League Title
1978-79Ed Cochrane1680.667
1979-80Ed Cochrane2650.839League Title, State Qualifier
1980-81Ed Cochrane1680.667
1981-82Ed Cochrane9160.36
1982-83Ed Cochrane8150.348
1983-84Ed Cochrane15110.577
1984-85Ed Cochrane18100.643
1985-86Ed Cochrane3180.136
1986-87Brad Sharp11130.458
1987-88Brad Sharp13120.52
1988-89Brad Sharp14120.538
1989-90Brad Sharp14120.538
1990-91Brad Sharp1690.64
1991-92Brad Sharp9160.36
1992-93Brad Sharp2090.69State Qualifier
1993-94Brad Sharp9160.36
1994-95Brad Sharp13120.52
1995-96Frank Sciolla14100.583
1996-97Frank Sciolla15100.5
1997-98Frank Sciolla12140.462
1998-99Frank Sciolla2650.839League Title, State Qualifier
1999-00Frank Sciolla2650.839Undefeated League Title, State Qualifier
2000-01Frank Sciolla9160.36
2001-02Frank Sciolla13120.52
2002-03Frank Sciolla9160.36
2003-04Frank Sciolla1970.73League Title
2004-05Frank Sciolla15100.6
2005-06Frank Sciolla2460.8Undefeated League Title, State Qualifier
2006-07Frank Sciolla2650.839Undefeated League Title, State Qualifier
2007-08Frank Sciolla3030.909Undefeated League Title, State Final Four
2008-09Frank Sciolla2460.8Undefeated League Title, State Qualifier
2009-10Frank Sciolla18110.621State Qualifier
2010-11Bill Coleman8140.363
2011-12Bill Coleman1880.692District 1 8th Seed
2012-13Bill Coleman1580.652District 1 22nd Seed - West Catholic Tip Off Champions
2013-14Bill Coleman2360.793District 1 Finalist - State Sweet 16
2014-15Bill Coleman2570.781SOL Tournament Finalist - District 1 Semi-Finalist - State Elite 8
2015-16Bill Coleman1580.652District 1 16th Seed
2016-17Bill Coleman16100.615SOL Tournament Semi Finalist - District 1 8th Seed
2017-18Bill Coleman13100.565District 1 17th Seed
2018-19Bill Coleman14100.583League Title - SOL Tournament Semi Finalist - District 1 19th Seed
School Total679866330.609